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SmartOffice provides a platform for rapid deployment of Voice-First solutions for the most common office use cases and integration to Enterprise systems like SalesForce, ServiceNow and other CRM/ITSM/ERP systems.



SmartHealth solution focuses on applying VoiceWorx AI technology to HealthCare use cases. SmartHealth offers a new way to improve patient health and quality of care through the use of AI-powered digital assistants as a patient companion or health coach.



SmartRetail uses the VoiceWorx AI technology to provide a rich conversational shopping experience for retail stores and brands. It offers a content management and publishing platform for brands while providing voice-shopping capabilities for customers.



SmartSchool uses the VoiceWorx AI technology to provide digital assistants for education to assist students in learning, exploring, test preparation and enabling educational institutions to provide a modern campus experience via voice.


Alexa-SalesForce CRM & HelpDesk Demo

VoiceWorx Solution Features

Amazon Alexa Support

VoiceWorks supports the various Alexa devices including the Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and AVS-based devices

Google Assistant Support

VoiceWorx supports both the Google Home and Google Voice assistant mobile platforms, giving Google users the desired choice of platform

Public or Private Mode

VoiceWorx can be deployed in both Public and Private Skill mode. This gives Enterprise IT the desired control over access to the enterprise modules

Security & Compliance

The SmartOffice architecture leverages a secure Enterprise Voice Server that can be deployed within the customer's data center or private cloud infrastructure

Enterprise Integration

SmartOffice Enterprise Edition integrates with key enterprise platforms including SalesForce, ServiceNow, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Google Mail

3rd Party Integration API

SmartOffice Enterprise edition provides a secured REST API interface for 3rd-party in-bound and out-bound integration to the VoiceWorx Enterprise Voice Server

Our Supported Platforms

Amazon Alexa

SmartOffice supports the various Alexa devices including the Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and AVS-based devices. SmartOffice can also be customized as a private skill for the Alexa for Business platform.

Amazon Connect

SmartOffice supports integration with Contact Center solutions built with Amazon Connect. SmartOffice automatically generates and publishes Amazon LEX bots to drive integrations with contact flows in Amazon connect.

Google Home & Assistant

SmartOffice supports both the voice-activated speakers like Google Home, Android phones and iPhones, giving Google users the desired choice of platform for Smartoffice on both mobile and smart speaker platforms.

Slack Integration

SmartOffice supports integration to Slack, enabling users to access content from all integrated systems via the SmartOffice Slack bot

Twilio SMS Integration

SmartOffice provides SMS interaction for users to access the intelligent assistant on the go via its integration to Twilio.

Our Deployment Models

Cloud and On-Prem Deployment Options

VoiceWorx platform is based on a secure enterprise Voice Server that runs as a virtual machine in the Cloud or within the clients data center or network. This voice server processes all request from the SmartOffice application and offers a secure API for enterprise integration to out-of-the-box or custom enterprise applications.

Alexa for Business Support

VoiceWorx platform is designed for the enterprise with the necessary options to meet the security and deployment needs of both small and large enterprises. All VoiceWorx Alexa skills can be deployed as both Public skills (to the public Alexa skills store) or as Private Skills (to the enterprise private skill store in Alexa for Business).

Our Integration Platforms

VoiceWorx provides a robust and extensible platfom for integrating Voice into existing enterprise applications. This enables our customers to leverage existing investments already made into these enterprise platforms and does not require major changes or integration efforts to pilot or deploy Voice solutions within their organizations. VoiceWorx provides Alexa skills for each of the following enterprise platforms. VoiceWorx Enterprise skills require no coding or technical expertise and enables secure and easy integration to enterprise systems.

VoiceWorx enables Voice Integration for AWS Services

VoiceWorx enables Voice Integration for CRM Platforms

VoiceWorx enables Voice Integration for Service Management Platforms

VoiceWorx enables Voice Integration for Microsoft Services

VoiceWorx enables Voice Integration for Data Platforms

VoiceWorx is actively building additonal integration to other platforms in various vertical and horizontal segments based on our customer demands. If you organization would like to request integration to a platform not listed below please drop us a note on our Contact Us page.

Need more Information?

You can request for a demonstration of SmartOffice via our contact us page or sign up for a Free Trial to experience the power of SmartOffice in accelerating your voice implementation initiatives.

VoiceWorx Inc

VoiceWorx is an Atlanta Georgia technology startup focused on developing Artificial Intelligence solutions that transform user experiences with Voice-based solutions. As part of the Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC), a Georgia Tech based incubator program, VoiceWorx benefits from the rich ecosystem in the Atlanta Tech Startup community. VoiceWorx partners with Amazon, Microsoft and Google to deploy its innovative technologies on their voice-activated device platforms.

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